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Path of Exile Devs Detail The Process Of Making Sister Cassia

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a unique little dive into how game development happens, Path of Exile's Nick K has broken down the process that went into making one of Blight's new NPCs, Sister Cassia.

In a new post on the Path of Exile forums, Nick from Grinding Gear games breaks down the thought process that went into creating the new Templar, specifically how they created her style and personality. A Nun, which was apparently decided rather early on, as well as the fact she'd be a Templar, and what that entailed. Nick breaks down how her personality came to be while writing up Cassia's script.

Often I'll sketch out a character's backstory (Templar engineer, exiled for misappropriating Templar resources, still somewhat brainwashed) and as I'm working on the script, the more important personality traits will emerge. Her habit of over-explaining, her hymn-singing and her strong disdain for Piety all developed across the first draft or two of her script.

The whole post itself is fascinating stuff, and it's insight into character development in a game not often seen by some of the larger companies in the industry. Make sure you read the whole post on the Path of Exile forums to learn more about the process of bringing characters to life.


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