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Path of Exile Details Changes to the Bow and Atlas with Conqueror's of the Atlas

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Changes are coming to Path of Exile’s Bow and Atlas with Conqueror's of the Atlas.

Atlas changes include with the fact that it has been divided into eight regions, with each region bringing with it the opportunity to find endgame bosses. These bosses will take up a Citadel in a specific part of the map. Defeating the boss gives you a Watchstone which can be socketed into your atlas for any region. You’ll eventually be able to level up these regions.

Additionally, sextants will no longer be applied to individual regions in the atlas and are instead applied to Watchstones,

“This means that each region can be affected by up to four sextants at any one time. You will also have the ability to move Watchstones between regions freely. Additionally, sextant modifiers are no longer shared between one another. Instead, Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Cartographer's Sextants each have their own pool of modifiers that they can apply to maps.”

New bow skills include changes to Ranged Attack Totems,

  • Ranged Attack Totem skills are now called Ballistas, with the existing support gem being renamed to Ballista Totem Support.
  • All Ballista skills start with 3 maximum totems, as does Ballista Totem Support.
  • Ballista Totems place much faster than other totems, letting you quickly deploy your full power.
  • Ballistas are all placed quite close to your character now. This makes your positioning important, however it isn't a large disadvantage as most of the Ballistas have a long firing range.
  • New passives have been added to the passive tree specific to Ballistas and other Attack totems, letting you gain additional Ballista totems.

Shrapnel Ballista will be the new low-level bow totem, while Artillery Ballista will be a new level 28 skill. Finally, Ensnaring Arrow will be a new bow utility firing a single arrow.


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