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Path of Exile Closes Out 2021 With Several Events, Starting Today

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Path of Exile is closing out 2021 strong with a series of events, the first of which kicks off today. Here are the details.

Endless Delve begins today and runs through December 13. During Endless Delve, you’ll, uh, delve into the Azurite Mine. You’ll actually skip the campaign during this event as you play through a totally new leveling experience.

Zizaran's Gauntlet is up next and runs December 10 – 20. Aptly named after community streamer Zizaran, this event features his Gauntlet. If you’re new, beware. The monsters are stronger than normal. You’ll work to take out bosses and completing objectives to earn points. Prepare yourself for a challenge.

Endless Heist runs through December 17 – 27. This is actually a brand new mode where, like in Endless Delve, you’ll skip the campaign entirely and level exclusively through Heists. But be warned. If you die during a heist, you lose all your loot.

Atlas Invasion is up next and runs December 24 – January 3. During this event, you’ll face off against map bosses in each area of Wraeclast. You can find them throughout the campaign. But make sure you’re well-geared as they’ll prove challenging.

Delirium Everywhere closes out 2021 and runs December 31 – January 10. This is a new mode where you’ll find Delirium’s mists have taken over. This means every area will be more challenging and have more monsters to defeat. If you’re looking to grind, you might want to check out this event.

Finally, Path of Exile: Royale featuring Brutus runs on specific dates including December 9, 23, 30. This is a straight-up battle royale. Face off against other players and see victory. However, unlike traditional BR modes, the last surviving players will face off against Brutus Players. You’ve been warned.

You can learn more about the events here. Have you enjoyed Path of Exile this year? What has been some of your favorite moments? Sound off below, and check out our coverage on the latest league, Scourge.


Poorna Shankar