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Path of Exile Clarifies Stash Tab Policy

Trying to future proof

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Grinding Gear Games has clarified their policy regarding their League Stash Tab which recently raised concern from the Path of Exile community.

The team recognizes they need a policy regarding item storage which is future proof against future league releases. To that end, Stash Tabs are a key to funding development according to the team. But GGG has provided some additional detail here,

“However, with league content our policy is now that any items that are essential for progression in the league (e.g. Seeds from Harvest, Azurite from Delve or Contracts from Heist) will have their own dedicated storage system in that league. Any rewards from a league (e.g. Blight Oils and Delve Fossils) can be put into their own purchasable Stash Tab or any regular Stash Tab you already own.”

GGG believes this policy will create a “reasonable compromise” for free storage and mandatory progression items. The storage device for Heist will be found in The Rogue Harbor. Here you can store contracts, blueprints, and markers.

The team is also continuing to progress on Stash Tab Folders and Stash Tab Affinity. You can read the full details on this new policy here.


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