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Path of Exile Clarifies November Event Plans, Adds a Second Guaranteed Mystery Box For Event Accomplishment

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 The Path of Exile team is answering community questions and clarifying some details about the November events they announced last week. 

The three announced events after delaying the next update into December were announced as Mayhem, Endless Delve, and Delirium Everywhere. Getting a question about Endless Delve and the ladder threshold, because the winner is determined by who reaches a specific depth first, they explained that if someone reaches that mark first and is declared the winner, it doesn't mean that the event ends. Any player can continue however long they want to and to unlock rewards. So even though there may be a winner before the seven-day event is over, feel free to continue.

Another clarification came from player questions about Demigod rewards that come from these events. Since the team retired the Demigods to keep them exclusive, they wanted to have a replacement that could transcend leagues as development continued. The team introduced the Godslayer series, they made it possible to use the microtransaction system, so that it could work with any character in any league. They do want to keep them rarer to also keep them kind of exclusive, they have still begun awarding some more of them and will do so with this event schedule.

Grinding Gear Games originally announced that there would be one guaranteed mystery box if a player reached level 50 in any of the announced events. However, there will now be a second mystery box if you reach level 50 in a second event. Tell me the limit and it also gives you the option to not miss out on anything if you choose to skip one of the events.

Since the team had improved the value and quality of what's contained in mystery boxes, including removing repeated items and adding higher-value cosmetics, they assure everyone that these two boxes should be equivalent to about three of the old 30 point boxes.

You can read the full post about clarification on the events, over at Path of Exile.


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