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Path of Exile Begins Delirium Everywhere, Sets December 1st Reveal Stream for The Forbidden Sanctum

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Path of Exile will be revealing the full details of its December expansion, The Forbidden Sanctum, on December 1st. This week, however, there is today’s start of Delirium Everywhere, the third of the special events before the next expansion content.

The team at Grinding Gear Games already pushed back the December content slightly,  in order to max the time for enjoyment over the holidays around the world. When they did this, they announced several events to let those interested get in and compete with others and themselves, to be fair). The next one of these events opens today, Delirium Everywhere, and the Path of Exile team is offering some more preparation and details.

First off, There will be different versions, each with its own ladder, depending on how you want to take on the challenge. There’s standard Delirium Everywhere, hardcore, and then Solo Self-Found in standard and hardcore. The event begins today at 12 PM PST/3 PM EST and runs through November 28th. If you haven't played through this yet, you'll see a dense fog all over the zones. This fog will hold an effect of 10% to 100% Delirium, which will scale by zone. This scaling will make sure that the difficulty should remain appropriate for the zones, while still providing a challenge.

There are some changes this time around, with some similar adjustments to add caps to the amount of Delirium that can be applied to different zones. Less can be used earlier in the campaign and there’s a cap within each act so that it doesn't make certain encounters impossible to progress past.

For participation, there are, of course, rewards. The Path of Exile team made it so that participation in two of the three special events will net you a Kalandra Mystery box guaranteed if you hit level 50 for each. So if this is your first or second box from these special events, then you can claim it.  

For more details, read the announcement at Path of Exile. 


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