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Path of Exile Announces Winners of the Maven Kill Event


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Grinding Gear Games have announced the winners of their Maven Kill Event for Path of Exile.

Placement was from first all the way to 25th. Here are the first five winners:

  • 1st Place ($10,000) - Darkee
  • 2nd Place ($5,000) - AlkaizerX
  • 3rd Place ($2,500) - Towerbrah
  • 4th Place ($1,250) - xSayByeBye
  • 5th Place ($750) - bigdummydan125

The contest also took in to consideration the first kills for various enemies. Some of those winners include:

  • First Atziri Kill ($500) - Paak_HC
  • First Uber Atziri Kill ($2,000) - powershot615
  • First Shaper Kill ($1,250) - Mosh47
  • First Elder Kill ($750) - Mosh47
  • First Uber Elder Kill ($2,000) – Darkee

There was also 25 randomly selected winners who could receive their choice of microtransaction bundle. You can check out the full winner’s list here. In recent news, the team announced their plans for expansion 3.14. Specifically, they spoke about their timeline for the yet-to-be-revealed expansion, noting that it’s going to be smaller in in scope than 3.13. Look for 3.14 in early-mid April.


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