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Path of Exile Announces November Events After Pushing Back 3.20 to December

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The Path of Exile team is laying out some plans for November, confirming the status of Lake of Kalandra, and confirming that the next expansion, 3.20 will now be released sometime in early December.

Grinding Gear Games has made the choice to move the expansion timeline because  their data shows that December launches let players have the most free time to play League during the holidays in December at the end of the year. When asked if Lake of Kalandra will continue to be a part of the core game once that update launches, the devs confirmed that it won’t be - for now, at least, but with no plans at all yet.

“For now, the Lake will not become a part of the core game. When the league ends, all your existing Mirrored Tablets will be deleted, so if you have some stocked, now is a good time to use them.”

The decision to delay the next update means that the Kalandra League will be extended a few weeks. They have announced three planned events for players to challenge themselves in the extended weeks. These events will each have different versions so you can pick which challenge level fits you best. You’ll need to create a new character to take part.

First of these events is Mayhem, which begins on November 4th and lasts for 10 days.  This event will live up to its title, taking modifiers from classic Path of Exile, like Ambush, Torment, Anarchy, and more. These modifiers will change every hour And there will be a different scenario in the area when you enter. These might range from 10 breaches, 20 Invasion bosses, 20 tormented Spirits, a Mirror of Delirium, and other possibilities.

The next event begins November 14th and will last for a week. Endless Delve is a returning event that sends you into the Azurite Mine to delve as low as you can. With this limited seven-day event, the winner will be the first player in each ascendancy class that reaches depth 600.

Finally, November 21st brings Delirium Everywhere, another returning event that will last for 10 days. There will be Delirium fog almost everywhere, with some changes to this particular event.

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