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Path of Exile Aims to Bring Controller Support to the PC with Patch 3.17.3

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If you’ve been playing Grinding Gear Games’ popular title Path of Exile, and wished that the use of a controller would officially be supported, it seems like you’re in luck. According to the latest post from the Community Team, controller support is just over the horizon!

Path of Exile has been on consoles for around 5 years now, but controller support for the PC has not been officially available. Despite third party keymapping, using a controller was not the simple plug-and-play experience that players have wanted, and Grinding Gear Games is finally looking to do something about it. In upcoming patch 3.17.3, PC players will be introduced to Gamepad Beta, a new option in the settings that will allow you to change your control input to using your game controller of choice.

Since Path of Exile was launched on Xbox and PlayStation several years ago, we've been keen to bring controller support to the PC version. In the near future, we'll deploy the 3.17.3 Patch which introduces a Beta version of controller support.

To access this feature, connect a game controller to your PC, launch Path of Exile and go to the Input Options panel. Change the Input Method option to "Gamepad (Beta)". It should take effect without you having to relaunch Path of Exile. Please note that the feature is currently unavailable on Epic and macOS clients.

-Grinding Gear Games Community Team

The controller support will stay in beta until the release of 3.18.0 expansion.  The addition of gamepad support is also good news for Path of Exile gamers who are looking to use their brand-new Steam Deck to play their game of choice. The update for PC controller support will undoubtedly make a lot of players very happy, as GGG continues to push forward with a stellar 2022, which began with a bang, as Path of Exile hit its highest concurrent player count back in February.


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