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Path of Exile 3.19 Has a Potential Release Date of August 12th, This Week's Update Focuses on Fixes

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The Path of Exile team released an update regarding the potential release window for the game’s next expansion, along with a preview of this week’s patch. 

Regarding the arrival of 3.19, the probable release date is August 12th and this would bring the Sentinel League to a close on August 9th. These are not confirmed yet, but the fact that they are giving these approximate dates means that they should be close to confirmation. In the notice the update says that they are the current plan, depending on development, but any potential delay would be about a week.

With 3.19 and future expansions that will come to the eventual Path of Exile 2 , these will continue to generally be endgame updates, along with the new challenge league and content, balance changes and overhauls. But in general, Grinding Gear Games seems to be funneling focus on endgame and the future. As usual, there will be a livestream with a ton of details coming, since this is a big update.

Not quite a big update, 3.18.1d will be coming this week to PC and to console later. This is essentially a housekeeping type of patch with improvements and bug fixes. The notes are pretty brief, but these fixes are helpful, especially the crash fixes.

  • Divine Vessels are now able to modify Maps while you have the Stream of Consciousness Atlas Keystone Passive allocated.
  • The Soul Conduit monster modifier now raises a maximum of 30 nearby monsters to fight again on death.
  •  Fixed a bug where defeating Aul, the Crystal King was not granting credit towards The Forsaken Masters achievement.
  •   Fixed a client crash that could occur when re-entering the Absence of Symmetry and Harmony.
  •  Fixed a client crash that could occur at the end of a PvP match.

The team will have a solid date for the update soon. For more, head over to Path of Exile. 


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