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Path of Exile 3.15.2 Patch Bringing Several Improvements to Expedition

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The folks over at Grinding Gear Games, the team behind Path of Exile, has shared patch notes for 3.15.2 ahead of its release sometime this week. The patch includes several improvements for recently released expansion, Expedition.

Expedition launched for Path of Exile late last month bringing several new support and skill gems. A new underground explosive mechanic was also added as part of the, wait for it, expedition mechanic as you hunt for relics. You can read our recap here.

The PlayStation version of Expedition was actually delayed because of a showstopping database issue. Since its release, Expedition has received a previous major patch which brought about several quality of life improvements along with several fixes.

This upcoming patch, 3.15.2, is set for release sometime this week and continues the trend of improving and fixing Path of Exile’s Expedition. Some of these improvements include:

  • Expedition Vendors can now offer item level 86 items in their shops.
  • When offered an option to remove Modifiers with the lowest Modifier level when dealing with Rog, the item popup will now display the Modifier which will be removed, or the possible Modifiers which will be removed (if there are multiple).
  • When skipping a crafting offer from Rog, the next craft he offers will no longer be the exact same craft you skipped, or a craft of the same type.
  • Rog’s offer to apply a random Quality type to an item will now apply 10-20% Quality (previously 1-20%). This option is no longer offered for items that already have Quality.
  • Rog now has a chance to offer to corrupt your item, with a high chance of corruption Implicits on the final deal.
  • Rog now only offers the following options for Jewel deals: Reroll Prefixes, Reroll Suffixes, Reroll Modifier Values of Prefixes, Reroll Modifier Values of Suffixes, Add a Prefix Modifier, Add a Suffix Modifier, and Corrupt the item, with a high chance of receiving a Corrupted Implicit.

You can read the full patch notes here.


Poorna Shankar