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Patch v1.52

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The Faxion Online team has released the latest patch for the game currently in its open beta phase of development. The patch contains significant upgrades to several features including the UI, the Faxion bar, the addition of the Sin Nexus Park and more. Because of the major overhaul of some features, every player has been gifted a free character respec.

  • The Faxion Bar has been implemented across the top of the User Interface. Check it out, it's pretty spiffy.
  • Faith can now be used to purchase equipment from the zone vendors. However Your faction must control the zone to interact with Faith vendors, so get out there and win!
  • Limbo can now be completely conquered! Controlling zones now contribute to your faction world point total. The current Heaven vs Hell score can be found on the Faxion Bar
  • The Armageddon System is now online! First faction to reach a total of 5,000 world point triggers their version of the world wide event

Read the full patch notes on the Faxion Online forums.


Suzie Ford

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