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Patch Notes for Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 5.4 Are Here

Bunch of new playable content

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Square Enix has published Final Fantasy XIV patch notes for patch 5.4 which sees the conclusion to Ryne and Gaia’s story.

The patch notes themselves are pretty extensive and run the gamut of the usual expectations. There’s a host of playable content touched on like new main scenario quests, new Chronicles of New Era quests, and more including treasure hunts, housing, Grand and Free Companies, etc.

The patch notes also touch on items, system tweaks in addition to issues. Specifically, the patch notes detail a bunch of issues which have been resolved, alongside some known issues. Some known issues include:

  • An issue wherein an invisible wall prevents players from passing through a location in Central Shroud (X:17.5 Y:19.0).While players cannot walk through this point, it is possible to jump over the invisible wall.This obstruction also appears in the same location when undertaking the guildhest "Flicking Sticks and Taking Names."
  • An issue in the Central Shroud wherein certain background graphics do not display properly.
  • An issue wherein certain graphics in the Firmament do not display correctly


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