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Patch 1.5/Mimesis Beta status

Craig McGregor Posted:
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It appears the 1.5 update to Mimesis is coming along nicely.  This was posted at the Mimesis site:

After 6 weeks of closed beta we are currently at a point where most of the scheduled modifications and new content additions have been implemented. Below is a very general list of fields where most of the modifications were concentrated at:

General game play modifications – aimed to bring more action into the game,

  • combat system – redesigned into auto combat with combo attack and defensive skills,
  • user’s interface – redesigned to provide functionality and short learning curve,
  • character control – now can be ‘mouse only’, keyboard is optional; movement is now faster (character speed) and more precise,
  • graphics – now brighter and more colorful, the graphics has been refreshed to match contemporary standards; there are new items and special effects,
  • logging in and character creation system – improved to assure maximum functionality and easy maneuvering.

Furthermore, many new features have been added. Some of them have already been mentioned above (defensive skills, UI additions) and there are many more. When the time comes we’ll be discussing almost each one of them. A few of the most important new things that have been implemented are:
  • guild system with terrain control feature (currently in development),
  • map which is now is a very sophisticated system with many coolfeatures (pins, scanning, localizing and others)
  • tool tip with 3D object displayed in the window.
We are going to gradually share more details on the modification and content additions before the beta goes life and exchange the ‘old’ Mimesis. So make sure you check back here often!

Last but not least… The new version is scheduled for a release this month!


Craig McGregor