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Past Fate Will Rework Combat, Announces Weapon Design Contest Winners

Campaign has one week left

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Medieval MMORPG, Past Fate, has issued another Kickstarter update in addition to announcing the winners of their Weapon Design Contest. Here are the details.

In their third Kickstarter update, the team touches on a few different details such as new information on combat. The team is reworking the combat system at the moment, citing the need for it to feel correct. The goal is make sure the player always feels in control. To that end, the new system will look to improve on these aspects.

Additionally, the winners of the Weapon Design Contest were announced. Nokifoxx won with a design called Goliath (pictured above). Second place went to Noirwind with their design Death Dueler. And Third place went to Siljana/Moni with a Priest Staff. First and Second place will have their weapon modeled in Past Fate, in addition to a permanent copy of the game, and a “Founder” role in Discord. Third place will receive a copy of the game, and the “Founder” role in Discord.

As of this writing, Past Fate has one week left in its Kickstarter campaign, and hasn’t quite raised half of its requested $25,000 in funding. If you’re interested in funding the game, you can check out the full details of their latest update here.


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