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Past Fate Weapon Design Contest Live

Live until August 10

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Medieval MMO, Past Fate, has launched a Weapon Design Competition for the MMORPG currently in Kickstarter and alpha.

The Kickstarter opened up recently. You can learn all the details on that here. The game is set to offer full PvE and PvP with dungeons, bosses, raids, battlegrounds, and more. The team also stated that the game will be in alpha throughout the campaign,

Past Fate’s alpha will run for the full duration of the Kickstarter, and we pledge to bring constant updates to show that we are worth your pledge in return.”

To that end, they’re launching a weapon design competition as revealed on their Discord. The winner will be rewarded with:

  • Their unique weapon modelled into Past Fate
  • a permanent copy of Past Fate with a Founder's Cape
  • a Founder role on Discord

Two runner-ups will have

  • Their unique weapon modelled into Past Fate
  • a permanent copy of Past Fate
  • a Founder role on Discord

As for those rules, Post your entry into the #weapon-design-competition channel and give your weapon a name by August 10th, 2020. Entries can be any visual art medium.


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