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Past Fate Issues Second Kickstarter Update

All about the Underworld

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Medieval MMORPG Past Fate has issued their second Kickstarter update touching on the Dead Realm.

This past week has seen the team adding additional talents, fixing combat, improving visuals, and implementing their underworld zone. This zone is where players go when they die,

“When players die in Past Fate, they will be sent to the Underworld. In this realm of the dead the players can interact with other fallen and have a feast with the legends of old. You can even explore the Underworld for secrets, treasures, quests and even world bosses and dungeons.”

You can chat with the Valkyries if you want to head back to the real-world. The team’s intent here was to add something new and unique with respect to the dead world, citing that you can even level up when you’re in the Dead Realm. They plan on bringing the underworld to the alpha sometime this week.

The Kickstarter, as of this writing, sits at just north of $3000 raised against the $25,000 requested with 15 days left in the campaign.


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