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Participate in PlanetSide 2's Latest Testing Round for Oshur

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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PlanetSide 2 is preparing to launch its biggest update since 2014 with the debut of the new continent of Oshur. The second play test for Oshur is happening today and tomorrow. Participation will net you rewards after the update goes live.

These playtests will also serve for the footage for the foundation of an upcoming new PlanetSide 2 Oshur trailer. This weekend‘s test build will feature all Trident Relays implemented, all bases fully functional and complete, air vehicle water behaviors resolved, and chapter 2 of the Distant Shores campaign testable. This follows up on the previous test weekend where most of these features were not available.

The current testing phase opens up today Friday, January 21 at 2 PM Pacific, 5 PM Eastern and 11 PM CET. Tomorrow on Saturday the session will open up at 11 AM Pacific time and 8 PM CET for a longer testing period.

There’s still no direct release date for Oshur, but the real clinic games team is working to test out everything and get it ready for release. In the update about plate testing they have pushed the current Oshur chapter two start date back, but this chapter will be testable this weekend.

The team says that when Oshur is ready for the game they’ll have it auto unlock depending on demand. The intention is that they want everyone to be able to experience the new content without burning people out. They plan on keeping it in the continent rotation and getting more data in order to plan future iteration.

So if you are looking to help the team polish up the new content, today and tomorrow is your chance. The dev team also promises a new dev letter this month with the rest of the year’s goals and a roadmap.

See the full details over at PlanetSide 2


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