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Part of the Overhaul of the Game to Include BattlEye

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The APB Reloaded site has been updated with a new developer blog to provide information about the latest overhauls being made to the game client. As part of the first series of changes to the game, Little Orbit will begin utilizing BattlEye as its anti-cheat software to make "this game as a fun, safe environment to play". You may remember that Little Orbit has taken over the development of APB Reloaded. 

In addition, developers have gone over the FairFight bans individually and have "found many permanent bans that were either blatantly incorrect or too subjective for my comfort level. As of this release, we will be unbanning a significant number of those players because it's impossible for me to tell who cheated and who didn't". 

The community has been very vocal about the fact that we will be unbanning known cheaters. This is unavoidable, even though we know those accounts abused the system and their opponents to their own personal gain. After some consideration, I have decided that all unbanned accounts will be stripped of the following: - APB$ - Joker Tickets I realize this will also penalize some of the honest players who were banned unfairly, but it's the only way I can see to make sure we don't flood the game with accounts that have unfair advantages.

Read the full post on the APB Reloaded blog.

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