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Part 2 of Torchlight III's Mainline Patch Brings a Bunch of Changes

Several fixes too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Part 2 patch notes for Torchlight III’s Mainline Patch include revamps to items and gear, and more.

Items and gear were the main focus of this patch with Lifebound receiving several big tweaks. For example, Lifebound items will no longer drop. Instead, new Scroll of Lifebound items can drop once you hit Level 7. Additional Lifebound tweaks include:

  • Has a relatively low chance to drop from normal monsters (when monsters do drop loot, it's between a 1 - 4% chance), a 1 in 6 chance of dropping from Boss Chests, Champions and Bosses.
  • Phase Beasts now begin appearing in hub areas starting at level 7 instead of level 5. Phase Dungeons from Phase Beasts have a 100% chance of dropping Scrolls of Lifebound from the Boss Chest.
  • Scrolls of Lifebound allow you to choose which common, magic or rare quality items to turn into Lifebound items, allowing you to choose when to opt-in to the risk involved with wielding these more powerful items.
  • Removed Scrolls of Unbinding from the game.
  • Updated the Lifebound tutorial and help dialogs.
  • Updated quest rewards to no longer give lifebound items, but either give your choice of items or Scrolls of Lifebound.
  • Fixed many issues with Phase Dungeons not being set up correctly for some areas, not getting monster affixes, etc.

The patch also touches on fixes and changes to forts, Relics like Blood Drinker, Flaming Destroyer, Electrode, Bane, and Coldheart, plus pets, monsters, and several classes and skills related tweaks.

Check out the full patch notes here.


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