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Paratope Shows Off Skyclimbers at 'Skycon 2021' Presentation

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Skyclimbers, a world-building, open world action-RPG that saw astounding success on Kickstarter, has released 15 minutes of gameplay, and plenty of details related to the game during their “Skycon 2021” presentation on YouTube. The stylized, anime-inspired game is purportedly still on track to release on Steam later this year.

The 35-minute Skycon presentation began with a look into the development of the game, and where it stands today in relation to the combat, traversal, enemies, and Sentius (animals), that you’ll be able to encounter when the game is playable later this year. In a later segment, players were introduced to the 9-elements, and 18 Sentius currently in the game, and what element they attune to. Skyclimbers is an ambitious title, and Paratope’s 10 member development is planning to have 4 Dynasties to choose from, 5 classes, and the ability to tame hundreds of Sentius when the game finally releases.

Paratope also showed off their new Skyclimbers website, as part of their expansion of ‘Cloud Features’. The redesigned website will provide a galactic map and Sentipedia integration which. The Sentipedia is an online encyclopedia of all available Sentius in Skyclimbers – similar to what a Pokedex is for those familiar with Pokemon. In the Skyclimbers shop, those looking to purchase early access to the PC Alpha planned for Q3 of 2021, will be able to with a purchase of a Founders Edition package or greater. The Standard Edition starts at $45.00, and provides a digital key upon release. The Founders Edition starts at $65.00 and comes with Alpha Access, while the most expensive package, the Physical Edition, will run you $75.00. At the time of this article, neither the shop nor the Sentipedia were available to test.

For those interested in the city-building mechanics that Skyclimbers plans to have on launch, you’re in luck, as Paratope provided a first look at the Northgard and Civilization-inspired mechanics. Players will be able to take a top-down view of the world as they enable their citizens to build new structures. The new view gives Skyclimbers an RTS feel, that Paratope will hopefully expand upon as the game makes its way through Alpha.

As the grand finale to Skycon 2021, Paratope formally introduced a Minecraft/Skyclimbers mash-up titled, SkyCrafters which is now available by adding the server address: skycrafters.apexmc.co to your list of servers in Minecraft’s Java Edition. You can learn more about Skycrafters on the official discord.  


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