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Paradox Reveals New DLC & Expansion

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Paradox and Obsidian Entertainment have announced a double helping of new Tyranny content. The first is a new DLC called Tales from the Tiers. At $6.99, it is available to purchase today. In addition, an expansion called Bastard's Wound is in the works that will feature a new chapter to the main game as well as new characters and stories taking place in Bastard's Wound.

Tales from the Tiers comes with new random travel encounters, an expanded story with 40 new vignettes, new items. Lastly, players will find expanded replay options via the "New-Game-Plus" option allowing players to respec easily.

Bastard's Wound will send players off to a brand new zone in the world that is packed with refugees from the ongoing war. It will be up to players to sentence the community they are working to build. In addition, there are new companion quests for Verse, Barik and Lantry. Along with the paid-for expansion, a free update to all players will be called "Loyalty and Service" that brings new voice acting, expanded Act 3 content and a new path to an as-yet unseen ending.

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