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Paradox Announces Stellaris: Galaxy Command for iOS and Android [UPDATE]

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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UPDATE: It seems Stellaris: Galaxy Command has been pulled down due to allegations over using stolen Halo 4 artwork. Players noticed this and made it known via Reddit. Once the stolen artwork has been pointed out and made apparent to the Paradox, the studio publishing the mobile experience based on the Stellaris franchise, the studio swiftly pulled the game, acknowledging and apologizing on Twitter. 

Their investigation remains ongoing even today, as the Paradox team provided yet another update into their investigation. 

Thanks to our diligent commenters UDprox and Tiller for the tip on this, we appreciate this and apologize for any confusion this article may have caused. - Joseph

Original Story: Paradox announced Stellaris: Galaxy Command for iOS and Android today via press release, and brings with it a shiny new trailer.

Pre-registration is open now. Players are given control of their own orbital space station in a persistent, player-driven world to aid in the reconstruction of their space empire. However, the war was not won alone and it will be up to the players to make alliances, negotiate and directly impact each others’ recoveries in this unique Stellaris adventure. Features include:

  • Alliances in a persistent, player-controlled universe
  • Space Station Management
  • Ethics System
  • Powerful Fleets
  • Mysteries of the Universe
  • Galactic
  • An Authentic Stellaris Experience on Mobile

Check out the trailer below.


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