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Pantheon - What You Need to Know from July 30ths State of the Game

A Small Pantheon, of Pantheon Developers Chat

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On July 30th, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen developer Visionary Realms put together a comprehensive State of the Game as they head into Pre-Alpha 5. The hour-long session covered a ton of topics, from when the game will be streamable, to the status of where particular game features are in their development cycle. If you haven’t had the opportunity to partake in the State of the Game, fear not, as we have distilled and summarized a good portion of it for your reading pleasure.

Before we get into what players can expect going into Pre-Alpha 5, here is a short history of what a pre-alpha phase is and what the upcoming “shakeout” is all about. In Pantheon, Visionary Realms has broken up their development cycle into phases. Pre-Alpha 5 means that they have already completed several other phases, all of which have their own goals and metrics to hit before getting to the next phase. In pre-Pre-Alpha 5, players will be brought in to the “shakeout” which is a soft weekend that aims to do load testing and other stability tests. Because of this not all features will be available during the shakeout, and the shakeout is not considered “Pre-Alpha 5 proper”. For more information you can also watch the entire stream below:

The State of the Game was introduced by produce Ben Dean, senior content creator David Roenick, and creative director Chris Perkins. The below are the main bullet points of what we’ve learned from the July 30th State of the Game:

  • The Pre-Alpha 5 Shakeout will be announced next week (august 3rd – 7th)
  • For those with the VIP package, they will receive an email post-announcement with a listing of applicable play slots you can join in on.
  • The full feature list of Pre-Alpha 5 won’t be completely available during the shakeout,
  • The shakeout will have 2 classes available, the Dire lord and the Shaman, post shakeout more classes will be added for testing.
  • Classes will have a “complete arsenal” of their abilities for testing as they release.
  • Climbing will be in the shakeout and is now endurance dependent. Now climbing will require you have enough endurance to climb where you want, and improving endurance will improve your ability to climb.
  • Combat performance has been improved greatly; classes will also have their mastery abilities available for use once they are released for testing.
  • The faction system is tied into the perception system, the greater influence you have with a faction the more information you can get from that faction and additional opportunities will begin to open up for you.
  • During Pre-Alpha 5 enemies and their abilities will be worked on so that they are more polished, and that includes the animations and architecture for enemy abilities so they function properly.
  • Streaming will not be available during the shakeout, but there will be limited streaming available in Pre-Alpha 5, more details about that are on the way.
  • The NPC population is being added to and grown for both story aspects and total ambience of the world
  • Pre-Alpha 5 proper, will allow for players to feel some sense of progression, while previous phases did not allow for this.
  • The current death penalty in Pantheon is, that when you die, you resurrect in your bind spot, you will lose experience gained towards the next level, you will still have all of your equipment equipped, but it will take a durability hit. You will also lose all of your general inventory and coins that will stay on your corpse, as incentive to do a corpse run to reobtain those items. There was no definitive answer on whether or not you could de-level on death.
  • Crafters will be able to repair durability reductions you receive when you die. More information will be provided in upcoming streams.
  • Quest sharing will be available, in certain situations where prerequisites aren’t required.
  • A new website will be releasing soon, but no details as to when was provided.

In addition to this information, Chris Perkins went through a host of on-the-fly patch notes for things that have been augmented and fixed over the past few weeks. During the stream it was also mentioned that a VIP developer roundtable would be held July 31st, so Pantheon fans surely won’t want to miss that. Are you interested in knowing what else Visionary Realms has been up to? Take a look at these previous patch notes from June to get an idea.


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