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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's Mid-Season Update Takes Stock of Season 2

Casey Bell Posted:
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Visionary Realms have provided a mid-season update on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, which looks back on Season 2 and what players had to say about it.

Season 2 kicked off with the release of a major new area in Avendyr’s Pass: Mad Run, a darker section of the zone littered with huge webs, chittering spiders, and more. The new area is meant for higher levels players from levels 17-24 and is also host to a world level 40 raid boss for only the most brave adventurers out there to attempt.

Season 2 also brought with it major updates to the game’s lighting, improving Pantheon’s day and night lighting leading to better ambient effects. This was demonstrated in videos by a number of content creators, including RedBeardFlynn, who actually penned the mid-season update as well.

There were a number of miscellaneous changes included in Season 2 as well. The developer added new swarm and minion mechanics to NPCs, made updates to class abilities, implemented improvements to spell resistances, significantly updated woodworking, and made some tweaks to NPC behavior.

Those with Champion Access will be able to play the season from April 27-May 10, while those with Supporter access are scheduled for May 4 – May 10.

Looking ahead, Season 3: Land of Blood and Snow will arrive on May 11.


Casey Bell