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Pantheon Rise of the Fallen's Latest Newsletter Heralds 'Milestone Month' Heading Into 2023

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is celebrating what the producer in a newsletter calls a "milestone month" in December, as the team looks ahead to 2023. The month saw not only the team pledge to do monthly pre-alphas next year, but also saw one of the first alpha livestreams without dev direction thanks to influencer CoggCarnage.

What likely got everyone waiting on this MMORPG to release excited most this month was an unvarnished, unabashed look at the MMO in its current state thanks to influencer CohhCarnage earlier this month. The stream had been talked about for months now, with it finally happening back on December 10th. Cohh took an unguided look at Pantheon, streaming the pre-alpha for about 2-hours. Pantheon's newsletter says this is a step towards their goal of letting "Pantheon speak for itself."

Starting in January, Pantheon will be seeing monthly pre-alpha sessions, with the producer's letter stating that thanks to where the team is with the content and systems in the MMO, it's ready to "sustain consistent, monthly testing." The first of these tests will be coming in late January, with the exact date coming soon.

The newsletter also goes into some of the ongoing work on the MMORPG, including working on NPC combat awareness, working on its Network Overhaul and much more on the road to an actual Alpha test of the long-in-development MMORPG. Cohh's stream wasn't the only glimpse into some gameplay for Visionary Realms this month either, as a 2 hour video showing some cave diving was released a few days back on the Pantheon YouTube channel.

Check out that gameplay in the embed below. You can also check out Cohh's stream archive below, or if you want just a recap, BazgrimTV has an excellent video that takes the two hour stream and condenses the info you need into a more palatable portion on the go.



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