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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Showcases Two New Classes Coming To Its Seasonal Testing

Sam Plaisance Posted:
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Fans of Pantheon are in for a treat, as Creative Director Chis “Joppa” Perkins has revealed two highly anticipated classes are making their way to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. 

Visionary Realms has revealed that two extremely requested classes are heading to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen at the start of the new season. Season three, Hanggore, is now coming to a close, and some new tasks and challenges will need to be conquered in the next part of this saga. Now, of course, these are tests being done by the developers, but luckily, starting this weekend, supporters will now gain access to Season Three alongside the VIPs and Champions who have had access for a while now. 

This next addition to the Saga is titled Summoner and Ranger Enter the Fray which is pretty self-explanatory. The Ranger and Summoner class will be opened up for testing on June 22nd, and those who have different tiers of access will gain access to the next season at different times. 

Rangers are like Hunters, they can track down their enemies with ease, while Summoners can control the forces of mana and summon four different Arcamental pets. This wasn’t the only announcement made, as Perkins also mentions that the “first steps towards the reintegration of Perception content” will also be apparent as we make our way through the Village of Availia and the surrounding areas. 


Sam Plaisance