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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Shares Brand New Lore, 2023 Roadmap Updates, and More Ahead of Pre-Alpha

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The January producer's letter for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is out, just ahead of the first of the planned monthly pre-alpha test this weekend, Janary 28-29th. Vicarious Visions goes over the list of upcoming events, and progress made on their roadmap, Along with what's ahead in the future for this year and a new lore feature. 

Of course, the first of the monthly pre-alpha tests  for those at the VIP level will take place this weekend, and with the start of these regular tests, we can expect more gameplay footage to be released as part of the team's streams and beyond. They're also going to be putting out more short clips over social media, opening up ongoing peeks at Pantheon like never before. 

With that, they also released a 2023 roadmap, including work on the final stages of the network  overhaul, work on the crafting system, additional  worldbuilding, and new character models.  The team has been talking about the network overhaul for a while, mainly because having these upgrades will be able to let them Implement certain systems, including global systems like chat, guilds, grouping, including a group finder. 

The crafting system will also see progress this year. They're also working on character models, different from the ones already revealed like the new human models and the accompanying animations. 

Of course,  that's technical work, but more creative things are also in the works like World building and additional locations, working with the art team for 3D assets, and building out the world more. The next zone will be Silent Plains. 

The Producer’s Letter also introduces a new lore tale, which introduces the nomadic Aridola people. In lore, they’re the subject of many tales and myths, but music is an integral part of their culture and practices, and their presence has also helped preserve other cultures’ histories too. The entry is accompanied by a video too, for a deep lore dive into a new aspect of Terminus.

For more, head to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.


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