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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Producers' Letter Covers a Big 2021 and Looks Ahead to 2022

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The December producers’ letter for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is out, and they look back on everything that happened in 2021 and a look ahead to integrating these systems into new ones to come in the push towards alpha.

Looking back at 2021, a new investment in January let them bring on new team members and begin pushing towards alpha. By March, the team posted the first roadmap towards and has continued updating it month by month to show just what has been updated and what’s to come, as well as which developments are tied together to happen. In early fall, the Visionary Realms team announced that Pantheon wasn’t going to be a zoned game, but would be an open seamless world and announced plans for the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), which will be updated with a new client in the new year.

There have been updates on that roadmap including for the HDRP conversion which should improve performance and just look better. Other updates for this end of year letter include the network overhaul being started and some class development, like the Ranger and Summoner classes being on hold until the new networking stack they’re working on is ready. Combat, too, will shift to be more strategic.

Gathering and crafting and mining notes have been implemented and this part of development has started, with lots more to come. They have been working on new NPC models and audio, and essentially the Pantheon team’s roadmap always shows the road so far and what’s to come. Some of these not yet begun, but planned are ability loadouts, a pet system, a faction system, swimming, a LFG tool, banks, and more. Some of these depend on implementing the new network stack and other technical bits before they can work on and start implementing these systems.

Overall, Pantheon continues growing and it looks like 2022 is also on pace to be another year full of change and new systems to come. For more, head over to the Pantheon site.


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