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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Outlines August Testing and Q&A Schedules

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The Pantheon:  Rise of the Fallen team has shared what we can expect this month, from the next pre-alpha test to a state of the game tester Q&A, and more. 

The schedule has been released for the next pre-alpha test, and that is scheduled for August 12-13th. While the team is looking forward to eventually having the server available for longer periods of time, and ultimately 24/7, for now we are still limited to testing weekends. 

Yet, in the most recent newsletter, the team is hoping to have a build for longer sessions by September. This doesn't mean we'll see it ready in September, since there is a process to be followed, but it's looking promising and a client is due to be released to the pre-alpha pledges next month.

Pantheon is aiming toward 24/7 testing. The first candidate client will be released to our Pre-Alpha pledges in September. Once any initial hiccups are addressed, the servers will be switched over to full time availability. This will allow us to gather more data points in terms of peak activity, population, popularity of content areas and so on in a constant stream of data. It also helps us fortify our networking code, server load, and measure demand. These are all data points we need before we increase the player base and invite more players in,” they announced in July.

Also coming is a special State of the Game tester Q&A on August 17th. This is exclusively for the pre-alpha testing community to ask the devs some questions and to give some feedback. This is a post-test followup, and so there may be lots of feedback and also insight and answers on moving things forward.

After that, we can expect a general update August 24th, with an article to recap the August pre-alpha test, and perhaps the release of info from the community Q&A. The Pantheon team will, as usual, end the month with a new Producer’s Letter with progress updates, spotlights, updates to the  roadmap, and more on what’s ahead.



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