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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Makes Network Overhaul Progress, and a Deep Dive into Creating the Monk Class

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The May newsletter for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is out, with Visionary Realms updating its roadmap to Alpha planned for this year,,  development progress and community feedback, as well as a new early experience devblog focusing on the Monk class.

Since the developers have highlighted that the network overhaul is key to further progress, they’ve announced that they’re in the final phase of VINL integration.

The gathering and crafting systems have been updated with the first phase of implementation  of both now done. There is progress on the UI and infrastructure for a game bank, with banker NPCs and the ability to deposit and store items and coins now in the build. There's also progress in art, animations, creature concepts and more.

The Visionary Realms team continues to grow, and the latest developer update stream covered the plans for NDA when Alpha is finally ready, growth of the team, and sea travel, as well as its importance to the Pantheon tenets and your potential adventure.

Following the first early experience for the Wizard class back in February, the main is letter contains the early experience dev blog for the Monk. The Monk is called “the embodiment of balance and serenity”  while still being fitting into the damage role. The Monk’s role is to help take down enemies, keeping an eye on the battle and creating sustained damage to keep things from getting out of control. “The Monk is generally geared more towards sustained damage building upon the evolving needs of a fight,” according to the blog.

The Monk class is a master of the martial arts, and many of the abilities  for the Monk are focused on strategically controlling the flow of battle and make conscientious decisions on using abilities. There are some powerful cooldowns and combos  in their reach,  and these need to be used when they most make sense. The Monk's earlier kit was less focused on damage but they've retooled it a bit to  deal more damage while still maintaining survivability.

You can read the full producers letter, including the early profile of the Monk class, over at Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.


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