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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Eyeing Mid-September for New Pre-Alpha, But This Could See a Delay

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen roadmap update and newsletter are here. While the team is still eyeing a September 17th start for the next pre-alpha, there is a potential issue that could delay this a bit.  

Recently, the Pantheon team was excitedly discussing its networking solution upgrade. They believed that the integration was complete except for minor bugs that they needed to test and resolve, but in doing so, they found a major issue that they’ve identified and are working to fix. These things go, however, they have to make sure that the issue is completely resolved before they can start a new pre-alpha session. 

What this means is that they are still targeting the September 17th weekend for the next pre-alpha, but they may have to delay it a bit. Visionary Realms has committed to letting everyone know at least two weeks before if the session will take place as planned or if there will be a delay. 

“We are treating the next pre-alpha session as another ‘shake-out’: a limited experience intended to help us isolate potential problems by focusing players in specific areas and content,” the update says. This pre-alpha is important because there will be a large volume of players all on a single shard (to test the infrastructure) and a distinct focus to help the team. 

Some of what they’ll focus on are new regions to explore, playing various races to see the difference attribute variations and growth rates affect them, and playing through the updated classes and the newly-added Cleric. The Cleric has abilities up through level 10 and additional abilities have been added for Dire Lord, Enchanter, Shaman, Rogue, Monk, and Wizard from level 10-20. 

It looks like we will know if this pre-alpha will happen by around September 3rd, but until then you can read all the details over at Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. 


Christina Gonzalez

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