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Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Details Monk Class and Abilities

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen have detailed their Monk class in addition to its vast array of abilities. Read on for more details.

The Monk is described as a damage group role which uses Endurance and Chi/Chakra Gates as a combat resource. The Monk can utilize cloth armor and light leather for gear. The weapons available to the Monk include Martial Fists, Fist Weapons, and Handwraps. It’s a monk, you guys.

The Pantheon team outlined a bunch of abilities for the Monk, though despite the pretty lengthy list, the abilities noted are not the complete set of abilities available. These abilities include Flurry, Union, Ebb and Flow, Iron Palm, Backflip, Inner Fountain, Secret of the Six Gates (this is a passive), Flickering Flame Kata, Resonating Palm, Feign Death, Second Sight, Raging Gale Kick, and Gate of Release.

You can check out the update here, and the Monk ability video below:

In related Pantheon news, the recent Producer’s Letter discussed team updates, game development progress, and more for the rest of this Summer. The letter noted in part,

“As we continue forging ahead on our road to Alpha, our current focus is the development and integration of the next 3 classes: Monk, Ranger and Summoner. I’m happy to report the Monk is coming along well – so well, in fact, that it will be the focus of our upcoming development stream this Thursday. In our upcoming development stream we will be showing off the Monk class with a deep dive into their role in combat, their ability arsenal and their unique combat resource. From the Monk we will be moving full speed into the Ranger followed by the Summoner class and pet system development with a goal of finishing these class implementations as quickly as possible in order to get them into our Pre-Alpha tester’s hands."


Poorna Shankar