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Pantheon Releases a November Producer's Letter Outlines Next Pre-Alpha Session December 5 - 6th

Pre-Alpha Preparation in Process

Steven Weber Posted:
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In November’s Producer’s Letter for the much anticipated MMO, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Ben Dean outlines everything, from a new team member and upcoming streams, to the next Pre-Alpha phase that begins in just a few short weeks.

The letter also touts the success of the previous Pre-Alpha phase, which resulted in several reports on issues that have already been addressed. Some of those issues were outlined as:

  • Rooted NPCs will now attack the nearest player with the highest threat
  • Most roots now respect per-tick and incoming damage breaking chances
  • Fixed NPC aggro issues when target dies

The next Pre-Alpha session will begin Sasturday, December 5th, and Sunday December 6th, and will have 3 slots per day. Each session will run about 3 hours, and will require players to select their time slot through customer support, if they’ve been selected as a tester. You can find out more details on the testing schedule on from the Producer’s Letter.

Visionary Realms has also welcomed a new member to their team, David Beach, who will head up the ‘details and nuances’ of crafting. For the latest information on Pantheon the team stresses that their next developer stream will be on December 3rd, and it will cover gameplay and some of the creatures you will encounter in game.


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