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Pantheon Producer's Letter Talks Team Updates, Game Development Progress Heading Into The Rest Of Summer

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a new producer's letter, Creative Director Chris Perkins talks about the progress being made to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, including the additions to the team itself, as well as updates pushing the game's development forward.

Starting off, Perkins talks about recent hires to the team, such as adding Adam "Tehom" Mostel to the team to work on the Perception system and more. Additionally, the team brought on a new environmental artist, and will be working on bringing on someone to fill a Assistant Content Creator position at the company. 

Perkins then talked about the development progress on Pantheon itself, stating that the last stream was a "major milestone," as they were finally able to show off the NPC combat awarness system. Perkins also spent some time talking about the upcoming Monk, Ranger and Summoner classes, which will be the focus of this week's stream.

"As we continue forging ahead on our road to Alpha, our current focus is the development and integration of the next 3 classes: Monk, Ranger and Summoner. I’m happy to report the Monk is coming along well – so well, in fact, that it will be the focus of our upcoming development stream this Thursday. In our upcoming development stream we will be showing off the Monk class with a deep dive into their role in combat, their ability arsenal and their unique combat resource. From the Monk we will be moving full speed into the Ranger followed by the Summoner class and pet system development with a goal of finishing these class implementations as quickly as possible in order to get them into our Pre-Alpha tester’s hands."

You can check out the full Pantheon producer's letter on the official website


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