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Pantheon Producer's Letter Talks Pre-Alpha 5

Plus the plan

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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October’s Producer’s Letter for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen talk about the importance of pre-alpha 5 and more.

Ben Dean, Project Producer, explains that pre-alpha 5 is a major step in development for the game. This pre-alpha has the foundations of the client, in addition to better workstream pipelines learned during Project Faerthale.

Once pre-alpha 5 concludes, the overall feel of Pantheon is excepted to bear out. This means various systems, a full progression path, and more. However, keep in mind, this is still a pre-alpha. As such, don’t expect a fully baked game.

This will be a multi session phase with each session incorporating new features and content. Ben explains this further,

“For example, Shakeout had 2 available playable classes. The next session will have 4 and include several new systems (more on this later for our pre-alpha testers). Zones will be added over these sessions as well. By the end of PA5 you can expect to see a 1-50 Pantheon experience with all classes available and most systems for launch in place.”

You can check out the full letter here.


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