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Pantheon Producer's Letter Shares Update on COVID-19, Work Done This Past Week

Tons of work on UI, zone content, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Producer’s Letter for Pantheon covers off the team’s response to COVID-19 as well as covering off work done in the last week.

Regarding the pandemic, the cites they hold weekly and daily meetings online to continue development and infrastructure,

“We meet online weekly and daily for work sessions, meetings and planning calls to accommodate the physical distance between some of us, so we are already accustomed to operating in this manner. For this reason, slow-downs in production have been minimal. Development continues and we will also continue to update you regularly through streams and newsletters.”

As for the work that’s happened over the last week, the team has been working hard on animations. New combat-idle stances have been finished off, in addition to some variants. Monk animations are next.

UI work is ongoing with character inventory and stats windows the current focus. Zones are being build for Pre-Alpha 5 as well,

“Jimmy has been building a continent, it seems like. He’s put in a ton of work getting zones ready for Pre-Alpha 5 (and eventually Alpha), making insane progress in blocking out zones and placing assets. Some puzzle work is being done as areas need to be moved, resized or fitted into the zone layout. He’s got 4 zones on the go right now.”

Content for the zones is being writing, in addition to a ton of artwork shared in the letter. Check it all out here.


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