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Pantheon - Newsletter Updates Players on Pre-Alpha Playtest, Explains the Shakeout

Shake it Baby

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Last week we posted some information outlining what went on during Pantheon’s State of the Game stream on July 30th. This week, a newsletter was posted on the official site with some answers to questions players might have, such as, what is a Shakeout?

The Shakeout will take place on September 5th through the 6th and is only for pre-alpha players. For those that are not pre-alpha testers, pledge packages are still available for those that would like to spend the $1000.00 or more to join. The tweet from the Pantheon Twitter account also points to information regarding an update to the website.

After the Shakeout the next step would be Pre-Alpha 5 proper, which is described as:

“Pre-Alpha 5 proper comes later, with more classes, more features and more content. PA5 Proper allows you, the tester, longer playing sessions for a full progression MMO experience. It's the culmination of Project Faerthale and one of the final steps before Alpha.”

You can check out what progress has been made recently with a list of patch notes provided in June.


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