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Pantheon Lead Game Designer Answers Questions In Official Hour-Long Season 2 Q&A Podcast

It covers a ton of ground about the MMORPG in its early public playtests

Victoria Rose Posted:
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For Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen players who are enduring the wait between week-long play sessions for entry-tier supporters, the devs have given a bit to chew on with a new Q&A session. 

The hour-long podcast-format “interview” between Lead Game Designer Chris Perkins and Community Manager Jamie Henry covers a ton of ground, and we really do mean a ton. It’s an hour of constant questions from the community’s forums and Discord, and Perkins giving as much as he possibly can for the time being. 

For instance, the talk opens with the hype about Pantheon's next season and moves into the game’s climate, plus some memory leaks and bugs that came about on the engine from a Unity bug. We (re?)learn that the game primarily caps levels to keep players contained for the season’s current content, and that swapping between melee and ranged is a key feature of the ranged class system. 

There’s a bit of discussion about the progress of the artwork of the game. The “double lighting” of the twin moons of Terminus will certainly make an appearance, and there are updates on item model rendering, and how new female and goblin models will need more time than less, with the former likely arriving in Chapter 2 (the next set of “seasons,” so not for a while). 

Plus, Perkins goes over a bit of an artistic walk-through of the new dungeon, though given the format of the video with voices only, and none of the visuals given, makes it a bit difficult to follow along. Sadly, though, NPCs will not climb from the walls. 

It really is one question after another with some interesting revelations, so if you’re interested, you can watch the hour-long Q&A on the game’s official YouTube channel (or at least find it below, for your convenience). And for those of us keeping an eye on this from afar, the team seems keen on giving at least a reasonable number of updates and previews


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