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Pantheon Dev Team Looks Ahead To 2020 With New Producer's Letter

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has had a year. The highly anticipated MMO has been trucking along this year, with livestreams and blog updates to keep the user base who are looking forward to the game informed. Recently the team released a final Producer's Letter for 2019 looking back on the year as well as ahead to 2020. 

After the tragic passing of Brad McQuaid last month, the team behind Pantheon has been hard at work helping to bring his vision to life. According to the post, as of the 19th of December the team has done 296 new game builds this month alone

The passing of Brad McQuaid in November was a tragic blow for us all. But, as Brad wanted, Pantheon’s team steadfastly marches on. Production hasn’t wavered one iota and the entire team is just as committed to bringing the game to life as it ever was. Perhaps even more so. Within the last month alone, and as of this writing, we've done 296 new game builds. We’re currently on build 0.5.499.12434 (12/19 at 12:18pm). We think Brad would be rather proud of this entire crew.

The team also took some time to talk about the state of Pantheon, and where they go from here. Currently they are looking at the Pre-Alpha 5 session, calling it a "major session before we move toward Alpha proper." Currently there are a myriad of systems made ready for the PA5, including a Chat System, basic climbing, atmospheres, climates and acclimations and more. Additionally, the team states that all classes are currently playable. 

What’s left before we open up PA5? This list is a lot shorter. The living codex that governs the spell and ability system is in progress. We are refining and tuning some of the above listed systems, something that will continue through Alpha and Beta. Apart from that, it’s mostly content work -- finishing up zone areas (Faerthale has several play spaces, the last of which is currently under construction) adding population, itemization, more quests and storylines.

The letter also took time to address the funding of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, mentioning that while the game is "largely crowdfunded," it also benefits from angel investors. One of the investors has opened up an investment syndicate to pool more money for the MMO. While Visionary Realms doesn't manage the syndicate, they posted an email address to connect you with the syndicate should you want to contribute. 

You can check out the full post on the Pantheon website, as it also details some livestreams done recently to bring potential players up to speed on the current state of the MMO. 


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