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Panacea is Live in Dual Universe, Bringing Shipwrecks, Easier Building, and Overhauling Construct Ownership

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Panacea update for Dual Universe is now live, bringing the beta up to version 0.28.0. The update includes the Vertex Precision tool to help players more easily build structures, wrecked ships in space, a new salvage system, and promised construct ownership changes.

The Novaquark team has been busy raising awareness of the new Vertex Precision Tool (VPT), since it is designed to let players manipulate voxels in a direct way, making building easier. The tool is live in the new update, and will work on most grids. 

Also in the update are shipwrecks. These are going to be found randomly throughout space, spawning in all kinds of spots waiting to be discovered. If you find one of the wrecks, you’ll be rewarded depending on the tier of the wreck you find. There are five tiers to be on the lookout for, with lower-tier ones spawning more frequently. You’ll get rewarded for finding all the ships you can, but if you manage to get the high tier ones, your look will be high value materials and elements.

Salvage also gets a look here, with active players getting advantages and the available space getting some cleanup. For most territories, if you’re inactive or unsubscribe, any construct you own gets a 90-day countdown on it. If that runs out, it considers your property abandoned. This works whether owned by an individual or an organization. On top of this, constructs abandoned for 30+ days will be automatically removed. If you find an abandoned construct, any player or organization can claim it. 

Additionally, constructs are getting an overhaul on ownership. Organizations can only now own a limited number of constructs based on specific criteria. Players now get 10 base construct slots, but they can assign any of them to any organization they want. The changes also cover the Legate Organization Construct Management, where talents no longer work to grant construct capacity but they do help determine the limit on how many an organization may own.

There are more in-depth details about the changes, but ultimately the Novaquark team has put out systems that aim to clean up and make sure spaces are being used. This should give others that want a chance at good locations or quality constructs a better shot at those goals, all while keeping things fresh. Considering that these are still beta changes, we can probably expect tweaks to come with more feedback.

For the full Panacea update notes, head to Dual Universe.


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