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Palworld Has Reached 25 Million Players in First Month of Release

15 Million+ Copies Have Been Sold

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Pocketpair’s survival crafting monster collecting game Palworld has hit yet another milestone, hitting 25 million players in its first month. 

The team revealed the numbers on social media, sharing that there are 15 million players on Steam and an additional 10 million on Xbox (where the game was also released on Game Pass). Palworld got off to a hot start, selling 8 million copies in the first week, and notching 2 million concurrent players on Steam in that early phase.

With the newly revealed info, those 15 million players on Steam represent paid copies, while the Xbox copies are likely a large number of Game Pass members, but likely also represent some sales as well.

While there have been some signs of player numbers having slowed down rapidly, despite the initial rapid burst of success, the team is proceeding with development and has promised additional features. Palworld’s community manager even made a statement on the matter, pushing for a more nuanced perspective, as well as an eye on the longer-term.

“There are so many amazing games out there to play; you don't need to feel guilty about hopping from game to game. If you are still playing Palworld, we love you. If you're no longer playing Palworld, we still love you, and we hope you'll come back for round 2 when you're ready.”

Pocketpair released it in Early Access, and have said they plan to keep it in development in this state for at least a year. The figures released today only strengthen that argument, and the team has mentioned other features that they are looking to add, including PvP and more bosses. 


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