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Palia's Temple Of The Flames Opens Up With Latest Update To Its Open Beta

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Palia launched into open beta last month, and the team at Singularity6 is pumping out updates to continue to improve the overall experience for Palians. Today's update brings the new Temple of the Flames environment and new crafting recipes, house decor items, and more.

The cozy MMO has added the Temple of the Flames, a new area to explore with a few quests to complete as well. It does require a few quests to be completed ahead of time, the Vault of the Waves questline specifically, but once you have you can explore this new area in Palia. Completing the new Temple of the Flames bundles will net you the exclusive Ancient Rock Garden housing decor reward.

Also coming with today's update is a new Emberborn crafting set. Styled in theme with the Temple of the Flames, the new crafting set features a flames as the motif, with red, orange and yellow-hued accents. The new set includes a hanging lamp, brazier, bed and nightstand, among other additions.

Keeping with the fall and spicy theme, new crops are also able to be cultivated, with corn and spicy peppers added to the mix. Alongside the new crops, ten new dishes can be cooked in Palia's excellent cooking mini-game, including Chili Oil Dumplings, Chapa Asada Tacos, and more.

You can check out the full update details on the Palia website. Palia launched last month, and while the cozy MMO certainly has a way to go with regards to its monetization model, though they have made changes since, the team recently celebrated 300K Discord members in its community.


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