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Palia's Latest Update Welcomes Spring with New Questlines, New Decor and Deeper Friendships

Casey Bell Posted:
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Palia developer Singularity 6 announced today a new spring themed content update for the game. It's the first major update to the game since the studio laid off roughly 35% of its staff earlier this month.

Players logging in today will be welcomed by a spring themed login page and Kilima Village has been updated with blooming flowers to embrace the aesthetic of the spring season.

The update also adds new quest lines that will allow for deeper friendships and growth for some of players’ most beloved villagers. Villagers Ashura, Zeki, Tish, and Reth now have Level 5 friendship quests that reward players with décor rewards reflective of their personalities.

Other additions include an open-concept Courtyard add-on available at City Hall, Flower Seeds added to the drop tables of insects in Bahari Bay, and an Ammo Pouch that is sure to please players by freeing up valuable inventory space.

Singularity 6 have also updated the Premium Store with new items, including the Shadowstalker, Corseted Capelet, and Harness Your Power bundles. The Alpha Anniversary Celebration bundle is also on sale, though it’s a limited offer only available through 5PM PT on Wednesday, May 1.

Palia is now available on PC via Steam, a separate client on the official Palia website, Epic Games Store, and GeForce Now. Console players can pick up Palia on the Nintendo Switch.


Casey Bell