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Palia To Begin Second Alpha Tomorrow, With Invites Being Sent Though This Weekend

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Palia will open its second round of alpha testing tomorrow. If you already participated in the first alpha, you'll be able to take part in the second test and your invites will go out first. This time, the team is also inviting a selection of new players that signed up on the website since June of 2021.

Since the last alpha, the team has been busy adding features and improving others based on feedback and data from the last tests. This time, they are looking for a lot of feedback on the early part of the game, from the intro and how the story begins on folding as they  start and play the early stages of their journeys. Alpha-2 will also add a number of new options and objects, including more color palettes and customization for homes, and a number of new features to discover.

Since they are looking to create a very welcoming game and an environment that encourages activities like mining or fishing or crafting, they're looking to strike the right balance. And this is where you can possibly come in. They’re still taking signups for those who want to see if they’re lucky enough to score an invite.

Of course, alpha testing is good for  finding and fixing new bugs as well as stress testing the servers again, and Singularity 6 is looking to do just that again as well as see how it holds up running a live game. What this means includes player support, patches, and even community events. This will help the team to launch Palia on sturdier ground when the time comes. They will be collecting feedback again in several different ways, from everything from simple player data during the test. 2 public feedback in the community, Anonymous surveys, and lots more.

Invites will be going out all through the  weekend. For more, head to Palia.



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