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Palia Provides New Developer Q&A in Discord - Alpha Aimed at First Half of 2022

Steven Weber Posted:
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If you’re looking for a “new kind” of MMORPG, Palia is certainly one that should top your list. Palia, the community simulation game looks to employ some laid back gameplay, with a social cooperative bend. In a series of answers on their Discord, the Palia developers have given us more insight into what we can expect from the game.

Most MMORPGs tout their fast-paced combat and extensive player-vs-player competitive play. In Palia, players are encouraged to work together, as the game employs an underlying philosophy of “Fun solo, better together.” Here are a few of the questions and answers taken from the most recent Q&A:

When is the Alpha taking place?

The team learned a lot from the pre-alpha, which includes finding out that we  have  so  much  more  work  to  do. We hope to get our Alpha ready by the first half of next year!  We will keep you informed as things develop and we’re SUPER excited to have more players come into Palia!!!

Will we see more live streams and developer diaries?

We’ve very much enjoyed the handful of live events we’ve done in the past, and we even have a few artists on our team who are well-seasoned streamers! We do have plans to kick off Discord Stages and Twitch streams to discuss our development processes, as well as dev diaries when we hit higher population set phases. The live events probably won’t get started for at least another couple months, but! We’re very interested in knowing which elements of the game design people are most interested in, so please let us know what you’d want to hear about most to help us build our schedule!

What are the Elf-like Residents of Palia called?

The elf-like people are called the Majiri. The name has a special significance in Palian culture, but you’ll have to play to find out what it is!

A few common traits you'll find among the Majiri are the values of tradition, hospitality, and community. They tend to be warm and welcoming, even towards those with customs very different from their own.

These are just some of the questions asked to the team in the Palia Discord. Obviously, the inclusion of a general Alpha date is pretty big news. Palia has run Pre-Alpha tests, complete with a post-mortem of what they learned after the test concluded. Since June, the Palia team has answered dozens of questions, so if you’re interested in learning more about the game, and the developers of Singularity 6, head on over to the Discord and submit your questions for the next Q&A.


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