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Palia Pre-Alpha Will Be Under NDA, More Discussed in Discord FAQ

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like the pre-alpha for Palia, the upcoming MMO from former Riot developers, will include an NDA according to a recent podcast.

If you’re unfamiliar with Palia, it’s an upcoming MMORPG from former Riot, Blizzard, and Epic developers at Singularity 6 meant to lean heavily into the social part of MMORPGs. It’s described as a mix of Stardew ValleyAnimal Crossing, and more. You can read our initial coverage of the reveal here.

Back to the podcast in question. This is conducted by MassivelyOP’s Bree, Justin, and Carlo. And in their conversations, the trio noted the official Discord and specifically the FAQ channel contained within.

If you happen to browse that channel, you’ll note some pretty interesting information. In fact, the obligatory monetization cropped up. However, the developers at Singularity aren’t quite ready to discuss monetization just yet,

“We're not ready to talk about that yet. I know everyone's excited to learn more about it, I'll make sure to share that information with everyone as soon as we're ready. Please be sweet to the dev team, they're not ignoring you I promise.”

Accessibility was also on the FAQ. Indeed, the team does plan on implementing accessibility options. However, they will not be made available for the pre-alpha. Further below, they also discussed the NDA,

“The Pre-Alpha will be under NDA, so it's a little too early for promotion channels. I'll be sure to have those channels once we reach a stage where content creators can stream, make videos and all that jazz.”

So there we have it. There will be an NDA. If you’re interested in signing up for the pre-alpha, you can do so at the main site here.

Ta, MassivelyOP.


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