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Palia Pre-Alpha Invites Going Out 'In About A Week,' Singularity 6 Posts New Questionnaire

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Palia, the upcoming MMORPG from ex-Riot-developer led Singularity 6 is gearing up for its first pre-alpha tests. The team stated today on the official Discord server that they expect pre-alpha invites to start going out "in abut a week."

The pre-alpha, which is going to be under NDA, is gearing up here soon, and the developers are asking interested parties to fill out a second questionnaire to help the developers find the best testers for this alpha. The questionnaire was posted to the Game Announcements channel on the MMO's official Discord server, will help the Palia devs "narrow down" their selection.

"We're gearing up for the Pre-Alpha and we're trying to make sense of all the survey responses we have so far. Before we start sending invites, we'd like to gather a little more information to help us narrow down our selection. 

"If you're interested in participating in this round of testing, please fill out the following survey. We are hoping to start sending out invites in about a week, once we have enough responses. Thanks so much!"

Palia is an upcoming MMO made by Singularity 6, a studio started by ex-Riot developers. The MMO, which sees talent from Blizzard and Epic developers as well, leans heavily into the social aspects of the MMO genre. During a press event, the developers mentioned to our own Kevin Chick to envision a mix of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, which sounds pretty chill when you think about it.

You can sign up for the chance to be in the pre-alpha here, as well as check out the original Discord post. The developers do note for those typing out long responses to the question on the survey to copy/paste their response just in case there is an issue submitting, as some people have already reported.


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