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Palia Open Beta is Live on PC

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Palia’s PC open beta is here, with access to the game available as of this afternoon. The Singularity 6 team shared a new devblog welcoming all new players who are entering the world of Palia.

After a series of alpha tests, stress tests, tech tests, and closed beta, the cozy MMO is finally open to everyone interested in stepping into its world on PC.  The team noted the feedback they received on all of the systems, particularly those that require player cooperation and cooperation, considering the game that they were trying to make. It is a shared cozy world, with open activities, exploration, and more to discover.

Since the open beta is now here, you can feel free to join without worrying about any character wipes, so feel free to make your space yours. Catch some insects, grab your glider and explore the terrain, get to know, befriend,  the NPCs, mentors, and more. And maybe even start a romance if you want to. Or spend your days fishing with friends. It’s up to you. The team will be adding new quests, new content, and more over time starting with this open beta. Some of what is coming was announced in a letter to the community as closed beta began last week. 

In the Palia Discord, they shared the open beta announcement along with some lessons from closed beta, acknowledging that there are still some significant known issues, and that help is on the way for those who have remaining issues, missing items, or glitches. 

“We knew as we entered Beta that there would certainly be a large number of issues and general instability — some of which we would be seeing for the first time as it'd be the largest testing group we’ve had to date. In the last seven days, we conducted a total of five hotfixes as our team tirelessly worked to solve as many impacting our Palians as we could. We have learned so much since then, improving our systems and abilities to diagnose things more swiftly and accurately with each one. ”

For more info, or to join the open beta, head to Palia.


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