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Palia Devs Say Over 600k Have Applied to Test the Cozy Sim, With Testers and Signups Showing Genre Appeal

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Palia is still in development, and developer Singularity 6 has revealed some stats that show the wide appeal of a cozy and positive game focused on meaningful experiences and sharing. Over 600,000 signups have been received for potential testing, and the game’s Discord also has over 100k members. 

When it comes to how many have tested the game, Singularity 6 says that over 20,000 alpha testers have already been involved in helping the team gather player data and polish up the game. Some very dedicated Palia testers have also played for over 200 hours, with the full 20,000 testers having playtested the game for a total of more than 167,000 hours combined.

Palia’s design emphasizes a friendly environment, shared experiences, and a playful and friendly gameplay style. The team sees these numbers as resonating with people who really want something positive and friendly to spend their time with, with friends (or even to make new friends) in a meaningful online experience. They’ve even doubled the size of the Singularity 6 team during development. 

Part of the design philosophy has been to truly involve the community, both among those selected for testing, and as part of the greater community paying attention to Palia’s development. 

Some skeptics might question what signup numbers mean in terms of future potential, but all of the numbers the Palia team has released show a very good start, especially through development. It shouldn’t be surprising that a game like Palia could get this kind of attention, as there are other games in the cozy sim genre, or with related concepts that have seen high sales and notable success. Among them are the Animal Crossing series and Stardew Valley. Even the more recent Disney Dreamlight Valley counts. 

In sharing the update, Singularity 6 also mentioned that they’re still taking signups for future tests and will continue doing so. Head to Palia for more.


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